New members & partners welcome! 

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We are thrilled to welcome 2 new UPBEAT members and 2 associate partners to the platform, totalling 21 festivals across Europe bent on promoting diversity, sustainability and new talent.

MENT, hip Ljubljana hub of the industry, joined the ranks, in its 10th anniversary year, as one of the largest showcase and conference events in the CEE region. Babel Music XP adds Mediterranean and global flavours by channelling the Marseille event into the UPBEAT circuit, raising the network’s potential.
Our new associated partners found their way to UPBEAT via MOST, another successful Hangvető-headed consortium, soon coming to a successful close. Goulash Disko Festival, a DIY gathering of music lovers on the picturesque island of Vis, Croatia; and ESTAM, a world music festival in Kragujevac, Central Serbia represent a new generation of industry actors from the Balkans – welcome and let’s work together for a future-proof music sector in Europe!