MENTing in Ljubljana

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We are just back from MENT, industry hotspot in lovely Ljubljana, where we could meet and share ideas with many professionals from all over Europe. The 10-year-anniversary edition of MENT pampered us with great showcase bands, excellent venues and exciting talks scattered across the city.

UPBEAT’s project lead, Veronika Vajda shared her impressions from the festival:

Among the wide-ranging music selection of MENT, 6 UPBEAT supported emerging talents shined bright on stage, namely Ana Lua Caiano, Avalanche Kaito, Kara Delik, KiKi, Krajnčan Brothers, Muzikačaka. We hopre this opportunity will support them to proceed with their career on international stages.

Photo: Marcel Obal / MENT

MENT showcased not only the most promising emerging European bands but also the best venues of Ljubljana. To help delegates get from one venue to the other sustainably, all public transport lines were made free to use with the MENT wristband. This is quite an achieveMENT for a city festival! The diverse and insightful conference programme also provided us with knowledge on a vast array of topics: from music in gaming to promoting music in the former Yugoslavia region.

As MENT celebrated its 10th birthday this year, birthday cakes, candles and celebrating dogs were present all over Kino Siska and the festival booklets, we were happy to be part of this great anniversary!