First UPBEAT Associated Partner is here, and it is So Alive

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Here’s a pledge of genuine commitment – we mean it! As we opened up our circle and presented our network the UPBEAT Pledge, our first applicant just arrived: So Alive Music Conference from Bulgaria is now a trendsetting pioneer in the UPBEAT Family and became our Associated Partner when taking the UPBEAT Pledge. Why? The conference not only celebrates the Balkan region’s rich musical heritage but also propels it towards a more dynamic and globally connected future. Hopefully, we can welcome another member in the UPBEAT family very soon…

UPBEAT warmly welcomes So Alive, a vibrant part of the music industry in the Balkans;  a powerful catalyst for positive change and growth within the South East Europe music industry. They bring together artists and stakeholders while creating an inspiring dialogue and knowledge exchange. They are also active internationally: Mila Georgieva, one of the managers, was elected to the board of European Music Council just recently. Save the date for So Alive Music Conference between 19-21 October 2023, in Sofia, Bulgaria and be a part of this extraordinary gathering.

The UPBEAT Pledge acts as a quality label for showcase festivals: it extends the UPBEAT Platform’s range of impact and mobilizes the European world music market. It stands for a network and a collective goal to change the landscape of world music in Europe. Through the UPBEAT Pledge, festivals can become associated members of UPBEAT: an Associated Partner embraces the values of UPBEAT, receives certain benefits – i.e. access to databases, and tools and sustainability plans – and becomes a representative of the mission. Read the full concept and criteria here.