UPBEAT celebrates @PIN

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Celebration time has already started for UPBEAT in the first days of December:  we visited the network’s Macedonian partner festival, PIN Showcase & Conference where we finally handed over the award to this year’s Best New Talent, Zarina Prvasevda! Crowning the evening, Zarina stepped on the stage too to spark her unique voice accompanied by the harmonious sound of her ensemble.

The celebration continued on the next day, as the audience of PIN had the privilege to be the first to see the brand-new video of Zarina shot in Paris by the Blogotheque Team during the UPBEAT Reception. The Take Away Show clip which has been her prize came with the award will be officially launched on 19 Dec.

Apart from celebrating the new rising star on the horizon, we contributed to important industry discussions as well. “Too young to know, too old to be relevant?” 5 industry professionals shared their thoughts to find out if we have a problem when it comes to ageism in the music industry or if it’s just the usual way business has been done for decades. The UPBEAT panel, Generation X certainly touched a very sensitive, yet relevant and less-discussed topic. Opinions might vary but one thing all panelists agreed on: cross-generational cooperation and proper education is the key for a sustainable and resilient industry.