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Do you want to connect to a global network of likeminded professionals, be the first to hear about and get invited to inspiring events; be part of the change to create a  forward-looking music industry?

Sign up and join the UPBEAT Universe – a database of delegates dedicated to music, sharing our core mission and ready to work together for a future-proof world business. We welcome all music professionals: agents, bookers, managers, representatives of festivals and venues who make up the cortex of Europe’s world music scene. 

UBPEAT Universe is meant to speed up synapses – forward information on festivals, showcases and other industry events; and help build a more resilient community. Our database is searchable and easily navigable, helping delegates find the most fitting opportunities and strike up new conversations. 

UPBEAT is an alliance of European showcases, a financial and networking support system. We foster sustainability, talent discovery, diversity, music in original language, and foster professional networks. Our members receive support for events, in addition UPBEAT creates new tools to strengthen the cortex of European world music professionals. 

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