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The public vote  deciding UPBEAT’s Best New Talent awardee picked French-Congolese Fanie Fayar by a large margin. Her heritage-honed mezzosoprano and versatile groove stood out from among UPBEAT’s 10 contestants; original upcoming artists of Europe. She wins a gig at A to JazZ Festival in Sofia, a video shot by the Blogotheque team in Paris, and industry-wide attention.  

UPBEAT, the first European platform of showcase festivals launched the Best New Talent Award in order to direct the limelight on emerging artists; musical treasures otherwise quelled by generic pop. An expert jury, consisting of renowned music professionals and industry insiders – Darek Mazzone (KEXP), Imed Alibi (International Music Expert/Artistic Director) and Veronika Vajda (UPBEAT/Hangvető) carefully selected the 10 shortlisted nominees out of nearly 150 artists who have featured at any of UPBEAT’s member festivals throughout the year. The final winner was chosen by the audience, 4500 voters from all over Europe supported their favourite artists in the online voting.

Congolese roots, European platform

Marrying the rich folk heritage of her native Congo to a wide range of musical influences, bolstered by the global musical workshop of France, Fanie Fayar connects continents and a wide range of listeners. Her fertile fusion has earned distinction at home in France, and will be carried further through the UPBEAT platform. 

“I am very honoured and proud to have this European prize which I dedicate to all the people who showed their love by voting for me, yes we won it together. This award is the symbol of resilience, the fruit of hard work with confidence and determination, I am very proud to have won it. This is a new page in the development of my career in Europe.” – said Fanie Fayar.

The prize

As the winner, Fanie Fayar can showcase her talent to the audience of A to JazZ Festival in Sofia in July, and shoot a video with the Paris-based Blogothèque team, featuring in their coveted Take Away Show. 

All 10 shortlisted artists will receive mentoring and support from the UPBEAT platform, furthering their careers.