About us

UPBEAT is the European showcase platform for world music. The 14 current members of the UPBEAT platform can draw support for booking up-and-coming bands, international artists, or even new collaborations. With UPBEAT’s help, members can meet their sustainability goals, organise professional events, conferences, and more. Our mission is to foster a forward-thinking and thriving world music industry in Europe.


New talent

Discover and be discovered easier than ever before!

We support festivals in adding up-and-coming artists, international bands and collaborations to their lineup.

The Sounds of Europe

Diverse European music, like you’ve never heard before! 

We support the artists who need it the most, in order to ensure a thriving and diverse music industry in the old continent.

Network of Professionals

Experts of the music and entertainment industry are within arm’s reach. The goal is simple: collaboration.

We fund networking efforts within the European world music community.


There’s no future without music, and no music without a plan to make it more sustainable than it is now.

We support our members financially on their path towards sustainability.

Original Language

All lyrics are meaningful – not only in English. Music in original language carry a unique depth, a chance to focus on how the song feels.

We help create a market for music in original language.


24 Nov


Upbeat at Macedonia

Upbeat-sponsored artists showed their talent at the first and only international music conference and showcase festival in Macedonia: PIN Music Conference.

19 Oct


Glow Up

UPBEAT goes to WOMEX for the first time – it’s a great joy to finally bring the news of this amazing project to the world.

08 Sep


Catch a Wave

The official kick-off event for UPBEAT members at Waves Vienna.

04 Aug


The very first beat

Méra World Music Festival featured the first UPBEAT-sponsored acts in the project’s history.

01 Jun


First Contact

A small first meetup for members, a huge step for the UPBEAT platform!

07 Mar


Great News

The UPBEAT tender has won the Creative Europe Showcase Platform grant.



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