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The UPBEAT Team of Hangvető can’t wait to mingle at the industry’s annual gettogether, WOMEX in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain next week. Many exciting events ahead where the platform will be represented in front of the professional crowd, so if you are around, don’t miss your chance to get involved!


We are proud to share that 3 great UPBEAT bands will have the chance to play for the audience of WOMEX with the UPBEAT’s support! Get mesmerized by the Slovakian artists, Julia Kozáková – MANUŠA’s warm coffee house sound, travel through the Balkans and Scandinavia with the virtuose Almir Meskovic & Daniel Lazar duo and explore the music of Basque Country mountain shepherds by the French band, Haratago!

Join us at the concerts on 26 October evening and see these excellent musicians rocking the offWOMEX Stage!

Music Networks for a Green Europe – Panel discussion

Catch UPBEAT’s sustainability expert, Martyna van Nieuwland on this inspiring panel discussion on 27 October, where you can hear the exciting story of how experience sharing can lead to a global call for united action! 

Meet the UPBEAT Team

If you are at WOMEX, visit Hangvető Stand (30) to meet the UPBEAT Team and learn about the mission, latest activities and further plans of the steadily growing showcase platform. You won’t leave with empty hands: glitters have arrived in brand-new colors!